So after Wednesday night's group round of 'American Idol' auditions, the guys had the opportunity to shine by themselves in tonight's solo round.

The talent pool that started with 43 guys at the beginning of the episode got cut in half by night's end to make room for the top 20. But not so fast -- eight more cuts will be made going into next week's episode, so the singers are still on edge.

As always, there were some judge-pleasers and some judge disappointments, and the occasional "Frankie Ford Moment." A "Frankie Ford Moment" or a "Frankie" for short, is when a contestant takes losing so horribly that they not only break down and cry, but they blame others for their failure, in what turns out to be pure comedy, appropriately named after Wednesday night's eliminated contestant Frankie Ford.

In this episode, that was Nicholas Mathis. After being sent packing by the judges for his lackluster performance of Bruno Mars' 'Locked Out of Heaven,' the Chicago native pulled a "Get that camera outta my face moment," resembling the breakdown of 'Making the Band 2''s Mysterious. Homie went to the extreme in flipping out on cameraman for his screw-up. As we said before, don't blame anyone else but yourself for failure.

Nicki Minaj, or rather Roman, held nothing back. The 'Pink Friday' rapper was going in on contestants left and right, even the ones who were favorites, as Papa Peachez soon came to find out. Ripping one of her favorite performers to shreds for singing Lady Gaga's 'You and I,' Nicki went in from the start saying, "Why is he singing that song?"

In obvious disgust, Nicki continued saying, "Remember what I told you yesterday? You're too complacent now in the competition. You have to step up. I'm pretty sure that flame is completely burnt out. I'm so disappointed." She said this before sending one of her favorite 'Idol' contestants home.

She didn't save her angst for just the contestants. Her fellow judges, namely Mariah Carey, felt the brunt as well. On her critique of Matheus Fernandes, Nicki takes a slight jab at the other judges saying, "I wanted to actually tell you this yesterday when you performed, but I wasn't given the chance to." This remark caused Mariah to cut her eyes at Nicki a little bit. Mariah wasn't letting that one slide.

A few contestants later, Mariah takes a jab at Nicki, saying "Jimmy, you've been one of my favorites since I first heard you audition. You wowed me; that's my opinion. We have a group here that has to give their opinions, and often times are quite opinionated." This statement was clearly a shot at Nicki.

Things will only continue to heat up from here.

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