Last night's 'American Idol' was the start of the Hollywood auditions with the fellas kicking things off.

The pressure hit new heights when the contestants were put in groups of four and only given one night to rehearse with their respective groups. Not only did they have to perform well within a group, but they also had to out-perform their peers to keep a spot on the show; talk about nerve-racking. This episode was all about survival as the first cuts from the competition were made.

Most groups found a way to make it work, but then you had those occasional dudes who just never learned how to play well with others like Frankie Ford. Singing Estelle's 'American Boy' with the rest of Group 12, you could tell from the jump that the group dynamics were off.

Frankie just couldn't find a way to fit in with the other guys in the group, and just fell apart. He even lost one of his top supporters in Nicki Minaj. "You're someone who tugs on our heart strings. We all really identify with your story. I have to say Frankie, you fell apart for me today. You lost me. Its crazy because I love you so much, and when I say that, I mean that so much," 'The Boys' rapper said.

Just because he had the judges on his side in the first round doesn't mean that'll get him through the next. Poor Frankie had to learn that the hard way before getting dropped from the competition.

Frankie wasn't the only judge favorite that got kicked off the show. Remember Kayden Stephenson? The lil dude from Oklahoma who had Mariah Carey blushing -- he also suffers from the terminal illness cystic fibrosis -- was also sent packing after the group auditions. Really goes to show that this is a singing competition, and not a fan-favorite competition.

Things will only heat up from here as 'Idol' shrinks down the talent pool with each coming episode. Everyone will certainly be on edge, more contestants will start crying, anxiety attacks will occur and other uncontrollable things will happen when contestants aren't 100 percent prepared for their big moment. Who's next to crack and be sent home? Only one way to find out: you've gotta tune in for the next episode.

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