After the auditions, Hollywood week and the sudden death rounds, the 'American Idol' pool is now down to the Top 10. There were many trials and tribulations the remaining 10 contestants went through to get to this point, most notably the team competitions where they had to balance group cohesion and separating themselves as individuals for the judges to get to the next round.

Last night's episode didn't leave to many surprises, especially on the guys' side as the five who were going to make it through were obvious. The way they announced the top 10 this year made for some hilariously awkward TV.

First, the top 10 guys were seated in a back room, behind this Roman coliseum type door hidden from the judges and the live audience. As Ryan Seacrest called each individual's name to go through the door to show they made it and sing a victory lap song, the remaining contestants remained sitting there like sad little dogs whose owner forget them at the park.

Charlie Askew, a Nicki Minaj favorite, was one of the five guys who didn't get America's stamp of approval as he was sent packing. Not too many surprises in this one as the ones you'd probably thought were going home went home.

The good thing is everyone in the top 10 will be on the 'Idol' summer tour, which means they'll be visiting almost every state to perform and get more opportunities to possibly get signed -- the obvious downer is that only one can win the competition.

The only kicker from the episode was that the person with the leading votes from the men's and women's side who didn't make the cut will compete next week in a sing-off to make the 'Idol' summer tour.

So last night might not be the last time you see Zoanette Johnson. 

Check out the top 10 finalists below.

  1. Lazaro Arbos
  2. Janelle Arthur
  3. Curtis Finch Jr.
  4. Candice Glover
  5. Kree Harrison
  6. Amber Holcomb
  7. Paul Jolley
  8. Angela Miller
  9. Burnell Taylor
  10. Devin Velez

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