With the same format as Tuesday night's show -- when the top 10 ladies performed -- this episode showcased the guys taking their crack at the stage before America votes and contestants are eliminated.

As has been the theme of the season thus far, most of the guys stunk it up in comparison to the girls. Granted, a few of the guys are marketable and have the look of an artist of the times, but they don't have the voice or staying power to really shine.

For instance, Elijah Liu, who sang Rihanna's 'Stay,' was very monotone. There weren't too many errors in the song as far as notes or vocals, but it was very flat and didn't quite push the envelope. "It stayed in first gear," Randy Jackson said, and it did.

The judges kept bringing up the fact that Elijah is marketable, but couldn't say too much on his voice because nothing's really there. "You look very marketable, and I could imagine seeing your face on blankets and posters, and cups," said Nicki Minaj. His performance didn't have any memorable moments, just another one that you would glaze over.

Poor Charlie Askew. He's a victim in the sense of changing before the audiences eyes -- but not in a good way. Going with Genesis' 'Mama,' Charlie went with an angry, rock performance, completely opposite of what he's done previously prompting Nicki to say, "I feel like someone stole my kid. I don't wanna see your arms, I don't wanna see that earring."

Everyone felt like something was off with Charlie and it was confirmed during his confessional to Ryan Seacrest as he is suffering from some emotional problems. Music may be is outlet, but this wasn't the time or place to let that out, and it might hurt him when America votes.

If it were just voting for the contestants in general and not five from each group, our guess is there would be more women staying than men because that's the stronger talent pool. After 10 are eliminated tonight, we'll see more girls singing -- finally.

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