More details are emerging from 2 Chainz's tour bus standoff against police last week in Oklahoma City. The rapper and his friends reportedly tried to thwart police by hiding behind the U.S. Constitution -- literally.

TMZ shares that according to the police affidavit about the incident, one of the tour bus passengers held a printed copy of the U.S. Constitution against the window as a way to tell the cops to back off.

The police apparently had probable cause to enter and search the tour bus since they smelled pot and saw smoke.

The printed Constitution didn't help and 2 Chainz was eventually arrested. He missed a listening session for his forthcoming LP, 'B.O.A.T.S. II: Me Time,' in New York City as a result.

Once the 'Feds Watching' rhymer was released from jail, he apparently flipped off everyone and told them to buy his album, which arrives Sept. 10.